For Managers


All of the reference materials and templates you need to implement aggregation at your farmers’ market


Links to meeting notes, templates, forms, other information for the LFPA and LFPP grants

Hub Manager Folder

Google Drive folder with all grants material for hub managers

Online Sales Platforms

Links, how-to videos and fact sheets for online sales platforms this project has used to run an aggregation enterprise


Farmers’ Market Hub example flyers and newsletters; graphics for use on posters, flyers, stickers, etc.; plus lots of photos.


Access to project tracking spreadsheet for market managers involved in the project; plus a blank downloadable spreadsheet template

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Project Director:

Jan Joannides
Renewing the Countryside

Market Mentors:

Sara George

Jane Jewett

Kathy Zeman


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Current Funding Sources:

Ongoing Project Support:
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County-level or regional SHIP coordinators provide on-the-ground support and community connections

Past Project Support:
  • MDA Specialty Crop Block Grant 2017-2018
  • MDA Specialty Crop Block Grant 2018-2019
  • MDA Specialty Crop Block Grant 2019-2020
  • USDA Farm-to-School Grant, 2018-2020
  • Extension Risk Management Education Grant, 2019-2021