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MDA New Markets/E-Commerce Cost Share: How to Apply Tipsheet

MANUAL 2.0 (May 2019)

2020 Retail Pivot

Supplemental References

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Buyer Communication Sample Documents

  Sample Email to Prospective Buyers  
  Print-friendly buyer survey This is exactly the same as what appears on your “Buyer Survey” tab on your market’s Spreadsheet, but in a format you can download, adapt, and print in a word processing program. Adapt this document  
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  Food Safety for Delivery and Pickup (Minnesota Department of Health) Example Letter to Farmers Market Customers  

FSMA Produce Safety Rule

  FDA Produce Safety Rule cover image FDA Produce Safety Rule Summary covers the seven (7) main points of the FSMA Produce Safety Rule. Use this document to understand what FSMA requires for sorting, packing, and holding of raw produce. Back to top

Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs)


One-Page Summary Form: On-Farm Food Safety Plan

  One Page On-Farm Food Safety Summary  
  The above website includes templates for on-farm food safety plan development  
  USDA GAPs checklist: Is your farm ready for a GAPs audit?  
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Handwashing Station

  Handwashing Station

Cheap, easy handwashing station plan (PDF)

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Legality of Local Food

  Selling Minnesota Produce Selling Minnesota Produce is the document you should use to understand the broader legality of produce sales by farmers or others.  
  MDA produce fact sheet cover image Selling or Serving Locally Grown Produce in Food Facilities is a document intended for food facilities that buy produce. Copy and share this fact sheet as needed to assure buyers that locally grown produce is an “approved source” for them to purchase.  
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Licensing Information


What Kind of License?


Licensing Checklist

Licensing Checklist image  
  Selling Minnesota: Aggregation of Farmers' Produce Selling Minnesota: Aggregation of Farmers’ Produce is the document you should use to understand the legality of this farmers’ market-based model for wholesale produce sales. Share it with buyers and inspectors as needed.  
  Visit this MDA web page to open a checklist of things to consider when preparing to apply for a Wholesale Food Handler license.  

Sample Protocol Documents for Markets

(Based on documents from the Wabasha Farmers’ Market)        

Inspection Report from Wabasha Market, 9/09/16


Inspection Report from Chisago City Market, 6/21/18

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Market Share Boxes


market share box photo

market share box photo

market share box photo


Market Share Flyer Example

Market Share FAQs

2017 & 2018 CSA Tracking Spreadsheet Example

2019 CSA Tracking Spreadsheet Example

Newsletter Examples:   1   |   2   |   3   |   4

Market Share Hack for Local Line

Market Share Photos (PPTx, 33 Mb)

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Pricing References

  Minneapolis Public Schools Request for Proposals — Appendix 4: Reference Prices This document includes example pricing information from several sources. It is intended for your reference, but you are not obligated to use any of the pricing shown here. Back to top  


Product Standards

  Here are some examples of standards for appearance and packing of produce. These will help you see what some organizations want, but these standards are not required for this aggregation project. You should have the conversation with your buyers about how they want produce to look when they get it.  
  Minneapolis Public Schools “cheat sheet” on product appearance and packing  
  Cover image for The Good Acre Wholesale Standards Book The Good Acre’s Wholesale Standards Booklet  
  Wholesale Success Cover Image Wholesale Success is a publication that includes the USDA pack standards and grades for a wide variety of produce. Market managers will receive a copy of Wholesale Success.  
  The pack standards shown in Wholesale Success are also publicly available in: cover image for USDA Handbook 66 Commercial Storage of Fruits and Vegetables USDA Handbook #66: The Commercial Storage of Fruits, Vegetables, and Florist and Nursery Stocks  
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Promotional Materials


“Menu” of Farmers’ Market Hub Items

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Specialty Crops, Non-Specialty Crops


Specialty and Non-Specialty Crops List & Regulatory Info

  USDA-AMS specialty crop definition What is a Specialty Crop? Use this online document from the USDA Agricultural Marketing Service to understand what qualifies as a “specialty crop” for purposes of this grant-funded project.   Back to top  




Read the Farmers’ Market Aggregation project’s policy on product traceability

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Vendor Communication Sample Document

Informational Letter for Vendors   Back to top  


Water Testing


Water Testing Basics


cover page image of Water Testing Labs document

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